Manufacturing Equipment and Applications

Machine tools and robot controlled lines, various types of conveyance and positioning lines, automobile parts processing and inspection lines.
Design and manufacture of networked FA equipment structure for various plant installations.

Label applicators

– Independently operating types: Equipment dimensions
W 4000 x D 4000 x H 2000 (including fence)
– Equipment control panel: Main control box dimensions
W 700 x D 850 x H 250
– Work dimensions: W 400 x D 400 x H 200
– Application accuracy for large labels and long labels: Repetitive accuracy ±1 mm (in vertical direction)
– Tact time: Maximum 30sec/station for 4-surface application feed BC check unit
Robotic stacker/station (2 rows, 5 stacking levels)

Pouch stocker

– Work dimensions: 40 – 100 mm square
– Stocking capacity: Up to 150 units (in the case of 50 mm square work)
– Inspection accuracy: ±2 mm
– Other features: Touch panel input, work holding function

Base robot soldering line

– Base robot soldering line
– Jig dimensions: W 320 x L 420 x H 70
– Jig weight: Up to 10 kg
– Speed of movement: Up to 8 m/min
– Stopping accuracy: ±0.1 mm
– Other features: Touch panel input, inverter speed control, work inversion function

Laser surface inspection equipment

– Stroke length measurement: 200 mm (2-axis)
– Length measurement accuracy: 10 μm (2-axis)
– Minimum movement pitch: 0.1 mm
– Inspection speed: 150 parts/min
– Other features: Touch panel input, 2-axis servomotor positioning control